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How Does it Work?

Client Contacts Network
Experts On-Call

Prospective clients
call from:

  • Corporate HR Programs and Plans
  • Hospital and Healthcare Alliances
  • Major Co-Branded
    Consumer Campaigns
  • Social Media and National
    PR Strategy
Network Member
Engages Client
At-Home or Hospital

Clients receive
benefits including:

  • Personalized Support and Counseling with
    Prioritized Action Steps
  • One Stop Solution Source for Resources,
    Tools and Access to Qualified Network
  • One Central Location for Caregiving
    Case Profile and Notes
  • Personalized Support and Clear
    Action Steps
Simple On-Boarding to
you-the network PGCM

PGCM engages
clients with:

  • Client and Care Manager Meet
    for Assessment
  • Care Plan is Established on VillagePlan™
  • Client Achieves Positive Experience
  • Results = Long Term and
    Healthy Relationship

Why Join

There is no cost to join, we pay full market rates, and we offer a business operating solution customized by care managers for care managers.

Raise Awareness


We are increasing the acceptance and awareness of the Professional Care Manager by building national programs to serve Fortune 1000 Employee Programs, Large Healthcare Provider Networks, and Consumer Branded Organizations.


Entrust Relationships


We provide a personalized and professional client transition to the Independent PGCM Network Manager with a consistent set of expectations. VillagePlan™ pays your full market price and follows the ALCA standards and code of ethics.


Thrive with Innovation


We continually launch best-in-class Care Manager tools for all devices and penetrate uncultivated markets. VillagePlan™ empowers you to onboard clients, experience significant advantages with no risk, and better focus on each client's needs.

Common FAQs

What if members of my firm are not ALCA members? Can they still sign up for VillagePlan™?

Yes, all qualified Care Managers (based upon criteria for membership in ALCA) can sign up for VillagePlan™. However, if a member of your firm is not a member of ALCA he/she needs to be supervised by an external ALCA member and agree to adhere to the ALCA code of ethics and standards of practice.

How does VillagePlan™ work? What happens before and after I get a client through VillagePlan™?

A client will contact our Experts-on-Call, Professional Care Managers, at which time a Snapshot Report and Client Profile is created in our system. When the decision is made to engage a local Care Manager we'll search our network for Care Managers nearby who fit the client's needs. At that time, we provide the SnapShot and Client Profile the local Care Manager and arrange a meeting so that the client can directly engage with you and continue to be serviced via VillagePlan™'s Network and agreed upon automatic bill-pay. The local Care Manager will use the VillagePlan™ system to further update care plan and services for the client and submit hours for payment via an invoice entry on the VillagePlan™ system.

Do I have to do my own invoicing? How do I get paid?

The billing and collecting is all done through the VillagePlan™ - so you don't have to deal with the bookkeeping. VillagePlan™ has the ability to pay an invoice upon submission within 72 hours, assuming the invoice submitted is approved by the Network Care Manager. Some payments may take longer than other so we recommend you expect payment a week after the date of invoice approval. We recommend submitting invoices two times each month (e.g. by the 15th and by the 30th day of the month) to establish a consistent flow with the family client. All billing summaries or details for your records can be provided as needed.

How does VillagePlan™ make money if they're paying me my market rate?

Our terms allow us to mark-up from your full market rate to help us with the cost of marketing and Experts-on-Call time, as well as payment processing charges, platform hosting costs, and technical support for you and family account administration.

When are you going to launch? When should I expect clients?

Our soft marketing launch will be Fall 2015. New client opportunities will depend on the needs address of the family client and their loved one, and their utilization of our programs. We will send out updates in October with more details.

I submitted my Network Professional Verification form, what happens next?

You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the application. Then, within a few weeks you will receive our “Welcome Packet” , followed by a series of training videos about 45 seconds each in length. In addition, we will be communicating regularly with updates.

More FAQs are available with your enrollment forms and our help desk is also happy to answer your questions.

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By Care Managers for Care Managers

  • Easy Data Gathering and Access in One Central Location
  • Better Communication Tools
  • Time Saving Notes and Care-Plan templates
  • Better Payment Terms with Automation

VillagePlan™ provides tools and resources, dedicated to helping PGCMs manage and grow their business.