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Professional Geriatric Care Manager

Senior care planning and coordination can be overwhelming with too many decisions to make all at once. We save you time and money, while reducing stress



Evaluating the current health and medical care situation, including physical environment, as well as mental, social, and emotional functioning. Identifying needs and goals.


Family Support & Advocacy


Helping family members cope with a loved one's demise or illness by facilitating calm and professional communication between family members. Also assisting in resolving disagreements.


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Common FAQs

Why should I hire a Professional Care Manager?

Care Managers reduce family burdens, facilitate communication and assist with finding cost effective services including entitlements. A Care Manager gives personalized compassionate advice, advocating for the individual’s wants and needs, based on their values. They are experts in dealing with the continually changing challenges of aging. They assist with your immediate concerns, as well as help you put a plan together, based on a comprehensive assessment of needs, wants, and financial limitations. They are your advocates in medical oversight, convene family meetings, and stand in for you when you can’t be there for a family member in need of support.

What can Care Managers do for me that I can’t do by researching the Internet?

Care Managers are not selling anything to you; they are your advocate much like an attorney. They will assess your family member’s needs or respond to the presenting issue with solutions and strategies that only an objective, skilled, and accredited professional can provide. They will refer you to local programs and benefits as well as assist you in finding other entitlements. They help you find housing, medical evaluations or clinics, home-care (some do have their own home care agencies), legal providers, and many more experts or services to keep your elder independent when possible.

How do I know the Professional Care Manager has these skills?

All VillagePlan™ Care Managers/Aging Life Care experts are members or work for members of the Aging Life Care Association, formerly the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers. They have stringent membership criteria and a Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics that guides the work they do in order for you to get the expertise you need to solve your current issues and plan for the long journey ahead. Most of these members are advanced practice professionals with degrees in social work, nursing, psychology and counseling. They have also taken a “certification” test to ensure they have the breadth of knowledge necessary.

How do we pay for these services at the VillagePlan™?

VillagePlan™ has a private portal for you to put in your credit card or checking account information. Our “Experts on Call” or management staff is not privileged to your personal information. You are billed in increments of .10 of an hour (6 minutes). If you are working with a community Professional Care Manager, the hourly rate you pay will be set at the time you put in your credit card number. You and the Care Manager will work on a budget of time or dollars for your plan of care. These rates do vary across the country. Some employers will have contracts for these services, and the “Experts on Call” will know by the number you call us from.

What type of information do you give me? Do you do reports that I can share with my family?

We will send you a summary of the initial call and start to populate a plan of care with actionable items for you and/or the Care Manager. This can be sent after every call or as infrequently as once a month, so you can see the progress your Care Manager is making with the shared goals of the care plan for your family member in need of support and advocacy.

What if the first Care Manager/Aging Life Care Expert™ I work with doesn’t meet my standards or seem like a fit for my family member?

We will do our best to make a good match. We understand that relationships are personal. We just ask you to call back the “Experts on Call,” and we will do our best to match you with another professional as soon as possible. You can always use the “Experts on Call” for on-the-spot real-time advice and direction, if we have your billing information in our system. More FAQs are available with your enrollment forms. Our help desk is also happy to answer your questions.

More FAQs are available with your enrollment forms. Our help desk is also happy to answer your questions.

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