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Accredited, experienced care management professionals throughout North America
Help families navigate and access resources across all spectrums of care management
No hassle. No stress. Immediate support and access to trusted resources

Aging Care Solutions

24/7 Experts-on-Call

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Health & Safety at Risk

We provide 24/7 resolve, support and the confidence to get-started-right in any crisis with a national network of credentialed experts

Assessment & Plan of Care

Accredited Professionals with Local Experience

We excel at helping you resolve complex medical related, behavioral and life challenges that cause stress and confusion

Plan of Care Implementation

National Provider Network

Our qualified experts support your values and can stay involved for the long term in any setting, from hospital to home

Technology Works
How it works
  • Our unique, cloud-based care management platform and mobile app enhances communication, accountability and collaboration between family and professional caregivers.
  • Dashboards are easy-to-read and share, and enhance understanding among caregivers and improve the quality of care your loved one receives.
  • Improves quality of care with actionable insights, reducing everyone's implementation costs.
  • Addresses medical and non-medical issues, including: family dynamics, records, task calendars, and HIPAA secure coordination.
  • Provides client-centered pathways that address the Social Determinants of Health.

Executive Leadership

Evan Falchuk, Chairman & CEO

Evan is an accomplished healthcare and political entrepreneur, and was President of Best Doctors, the pioneer in second opinion as an employee benefit. Under his leadership, Best Doctors grew from a few million in revenue to nearly $200 million. In 2014, Evan was an independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.

William Wen, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development

William is an experienced strategic leader with over twenty years of experience, creating over $7 Billion of enterprise value for companies in healthcare and technology. Prior to VillagePlan he was on the executive team at Best Doctors and spent over a decade at Nuance Communications and Xerox Corporation.

Partners & Programs
National Network of Professionals

Building trusted relationships throughout America and providing solutions for your business and family clients.